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“Ace the Zombie” at SFSC Convention, Atlanta

An “Ace the Zombie” panel is scheduled for Sci Fi Summer Con this Summer in Atlanta! Sci Fi Scummer Con takes place this Summer at the Crowne Plaza Perimeter Hotel in Atlanta, June 10-12th. The ATZ panel will include five people from the film:

Join the cast and crew for a spirited discussion of all aspects of the soon to be released feature film ‘Ace the Zombie’. The panel is made up of Director Giles Sheppard, Screenwriter Rob Fox, Actress Sarah Simmons Turner, Make-up Artist/ Actress Ondie Daniels, and Director of Photography Rory Gordon. Panelists will discuss the making of the film from start to finish, and will answer questions from the audience. Plus as a bonus, the audience will be treated to a first ever preview clip of the movie.

Head over to the Sci Fi Summer Con website to see what other events will be hosted that weekend. Don’t miss out!